“The biggest opportunity … for our industry in 75 years”: Publishers aren’t taking the pandemic lying down

What's New in Publishing 14 May 2020 06:45

Think the digital disruption was tough on publishers? According to FIPP president and CEO James Hewes, the pandemic represents an even greater shakeup.

“The coronavirus crisis represents the biggest opportunity – and biggest challenge – for our industry in 75 years,” Hewes writes in this FIPP special report “Publishing during a pandemic: Mapping a path through the Covid-19 crisis.”

“The rapid changes that we’re seeing in the way that consumers access our content is accelerating many of the trends that we had been seeing for many years,” he continues. “Our response will determine the shape of the industry for decades to come.”

I don’t believe he is being hyperbolic; the challenges are significant and we don’t know the end result of this extended period of weirdness. So it’s great to have this report, containing insights from more than 20 industry insiders and publishing executives.

First and foremost in the report is the fact that consumers are craving content; they’ve binged themselves silly and now they are looking for something of substance, something that speaks to their passions.

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