Content consumption in a Covid-19 world

What's New in Publishing 30 Apr 2020 06:00

On Tuesday, the new FIPP Insider webinar series continued, with content distribution and technology company, PressReader, taking a look at current media consumption trends.

Nikolay Malyarov, CEO, International and Chief Content Officer for PressReader was joined by Steve Chapman, VP of Content Partnerships, to look at key content consumption trends, including:  

Usage trends in content consumption around the world:

What is the average session length amongst readers on desktop? On mobile? And how have topic trends shifted since the onset of the global pandemic?

The power of aggregation:

This is sometimes considered a bad word in the publishing sphere, but delivering content around interest verticals make sense in several ways, especially via hard-to-reach verticals.

Frequency & Technology:

At a time when the frequency of content production may be scaled down, how can technology help address these changes, and ensure that publishers do not lose the relationship with readers due to a lack of frequent engagement?

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