Q&A: Lotame’s Panorama, a mission control center for data optimization

What's New in Publishing 02 Jul 2020 06:26

Lotame is an independent provider of unstacked data solutions, helping publishers, brands, and agencies address varied business challenges with data. The company has recently launched Panorama, a solution that gives publishers and advertisers the ability to leverage data from multiple sources and create a unified, actionable view of consumers. WNIP caught up with Chris Hogg, Lotame’s Managing Director EMEA to find out more…

What business problem is your company addressing?

It’s widely accepted that first-party data is a valuable starting point to understand customers. Consumers share information with trusted websites or apps and that intel provides a peek into who they are and what they like that can be used to drive publisher success on multiple levels; from maximizing subscriber retention through tailored experiences, to enhancing inventory appeal for digital advertisers with audience segments.

But, as a solo act, its power is limited. Consumers are multi-dimensional people with diverse interests and passions that are changing all the time, now more than ever with the changes happening in the world. And by design, first-party data only captures part of the picture from within the confines of its own universe. To effectively engage individuals and bring in higher yield from more diverse advertisers, publishers need a wider, three-dimensional audience view. A news site visitor would look the same today as they did in 2019 and we all know that is simply not the case. Everything has shifted for consumers — where they work and how, how they eat and where, what they shop for, watch, the list goes on and on. The shifting panorama of the consumer simply can’t be captured by a publisher’s first-party data alone.

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