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What's New in Publishing 20 Mar 2020 07:45

Coronavirus leads to traffic surge for publishers, how to set up remote working practices, and more…

Trust is more vital than ever

As the world wrestles to contain the outbreak of coronavirus, many of you will now be reading this from your homes. So much has been said by people far more qualified than us, that we won’t add to the noise.

Instead, we want to highlight a few stories that show how vital you as publishers are in a landscape where access to information is now a matter of life and death:

  • Many publishers are trying different strategies to continue serving their readers in this time of disruption. WNIP’s Faisal Kalim looks at some of the ways organisations are adapting;
  • FIPP have an expert Q&A on how to set up remote working practices for magazines and newspapers, from building a remote workflow to smoothing the transition for employees;
  • When health experts and the government are recommending different responses, how should news organisations and broadcasters respond? The Conversation has published an excellent piece with some recommendations for journalists;

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