Predominance of toxic comments can damage publishers’ credibility: How to identify and deal with trolls effectively

What's New in Publishing 27 Aug 2020 08:35

Trolls can ruin the way consumers relate to a brand. A 2019 study found that almost 50% of the people would remove themselves from a situation where they have experienced incivility. 

Pew Research Center found that roughly four-in-ten Americans have personally experienced online harassment, and 62% consider it a major problem.

“Trolls have the power to ruin the way consumers see your brand”

Another study, “Attacks in the Comment Sections: What It Means for News Sites,” by the Center for Media Engagement at the University of Texas, found that the predominance of toxic comments also damages publishers’ credibility. 

According to the researchers, “People who viewed news stories with only uncivil comments had less positive attitudes toward the site, and saw it as less valuable compared to those who saw stories with only civil comments.”

Trolling has continued to increase in recent years. The anxiety arising out of the pandemic and the fact that people are consuming more online content as they stay at home has added fuel to the fire. 

Types of moderation

“Core of any troll-hunting initiative”

“Hit trolling from all possible angles”

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