Local publisher co-operative 1XL is using data enrichment to succeed during the pandemic

What's New in Publishing 21 Dec 2020 08:11

On the surface, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic should be giving local news publishers a boost. Ofcom statistics from the beginning of October reveal 88% of people are accessing news about the pandemic at least once a day, and traditional sources such as broadcasters, newspapers and radio remain the most-used sources of information among adult internet users. The situation has showcased the high-quality environment of local regional news media and emphasised its incredible social benefit.

But in reality, local publishers were already operating in a challenging environment before the arrival of COVID-19, and this has only been exacerbated by the pandemic. Increasing reliance on intermediation by the large tech platforms has resulted in publishers not getting the fair share of the value generated by their unique and high-quality content. They are also having to explore different forms of monetisation as changes in the online ecosystem, such as cookie deprecation, make understanding audiences and generating ad revenues in the open web more complex. While subscriptions and registrations are growing and will certainly be an important element of monetisation moving forward, they are only ever going to account for a small percentage of a local publisher’s user base, so publishers need to find ways to generate revenue through non-authenticated traffic.

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