How to Format a Content Marketing Strategy According to User Intent

Fourth Source 13 Dec 2018 09:00

Business-to-business (B2B) buyers rely on content to make a purchasing decision.

So, in order to engage customers throughout their purchasing process, your company needs to invest in content marketing.

Content marketing is an encompassing business process that involves producing content to market your company to potential customers. Common examples include blogging, producing videos, and guest posting.

To engage customers through content marketing, your company needs to understand the type of content they consume during their buyer’s journey and why. In other words, you need to understand user intent.

Recognizing user intent and its impact on the content people consume and their purchasing decisions can help company create a content marketing strategy that:

  • Engages customers throughout their buying journey
  • Earns customer trust
  • Convinces people to purchase from your company

Mapping the Customer Journey According to User Intent

One way to illustrate the B2B buying journey is the conversion funnel.

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