University of Northampton launches app-based prospectus

News and Insights 10 Jan 2018 01:46

University is using software to create an app-based prospectus and improve internal communications

The University of Northampton is using software from a UK startup to automate the production of a digital prospectus and to improve its internal communications.

Traditionally, a university prospectus presenting all the courses on offer to undergraduate students is put together every year and posted out to interested bodies and individuals. But today’s students want to receive things via their mobiles, with interaction and real-time updates and notifications.

“Students today are an awful lot more likely to explore online and expect things to be digital first,” said Owen Morris, head of public relations and corporate communications at the University of Northampton. “So we wanted to evolve our traditional prospectus – a big book with all the courses – to make the physical document much lighter and complement it with a digital prospectus. This is not only available anywhere but is adaptable so the university can make changes as and when we want.”

Morris said that after meeting UK startup Better than Paper at a trade event and following a tender process, the university started using the firm’s software to automate the creation of a digital prospectus.

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